Sunday, 15 December 2013

Just an Update

I do feel like I've been extremely rubbish when it comes to this blog.
I kind of shocked myself when I looked and saw that the last time I posted something, it was over a month ago. I well and truly let things go here.
But I haven't given up!

I've never forgotten about my blog. I'm constantly making notes of things I can bake and blog about, and always in the back of my mind I think 'I need to write a post'; I've just been struggling to find the time. I'm working full time now, so working out when I can make something has become a bit difficult, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. 

I've planned out a few posts for Christmas,  which I'm just sorting out at the moment, and I'll hopefully manage to get them out in the next couple of weeks. 
(Can we just take a moment to panic over the fact that it is just 10 days until Christmas!? Where did the time go?)

In the mean time, just keep the faith, and sing some Christmas songs.

Sophie x

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